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The following is a Brief History of the Town of Carrizozo.

Carrizozo was born with the dawn of the 20th Century. Before the railroad tracks reached the site of present day Carrizozo in August, 1899, as far as the eye could see there were few signs of human habitation here at the upper end of the Tularosa Basin. There were just a few scattered cattle ranches established in the 1870's and a lonely stagecoach road that crossed the landscape from the booming gold-mining town of White Oaks 12 miles to the northeast.

The town grew quickly when the railroad made it a terminal town, and many jobs were soon readily available. The surrounding land opened for new homesteads. After becoming the county seat in 1909, incorporation followed in 1916

As Carrizozo began to flourish, White Oaks began to decline. Many of its former residents moved their homes and businesses (some quite literally) to the new town as railroad employees moved in and the land surrounding Carrizozo quickly opened for homesteading.

Carrizozo, like the new century, had grand dreams for its future.

As a result, its buildings and homes were built well and meant to last, thanks in part to Frank English whose legacy is everywhere here. Between 1908 and 1925, Mr. English built approximately 30 houses and commercial buildings, many of which are still in use today. They are solid, durable and comfortable, and several have been included on a brochure tour of the Town available at the Carrizozo Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center.

Today, Carrizozo is a safe community with county and local law enforcement. Smog and pollution do not fill our air. So, leave the crowds behind and come visit this peaceful, beautiful place!

Historical Sites:

Updated on November 22, 2010

Historical Sites:

Roy's Gift Gallery was established in August, 1978, in the historic Dr. Paden's Drug Store building located at 1200 E Avenue, Carrizozo, New Mexico. The historic drug store was built between 1906 and 1910. Dr. Paden moved to Carrizozo in 1906 from the gold mining town of White Oaks, New Mexico, after being hired by the railroad as their physician and surgeon.

All the usual soda fountain facilities were installed, and this was one of the busiest places in the fast growing town of Carrizozo. Dr. Paden also opened a hospital on the second story of this building, and there are still some people around today who remember him as their personal physician.

Now over 30 years later, he is still at it. All the old fashioned soda fountain treats are offered and enjoyed by the locals, and his place has become a favorite stop for many tourists traveling on Highway 54. Some go out of their way to stop and have Roy's milkshakes, malts, sundaes, banana splits, fountain cokes, ice cream cones or real old fashioned ice cream sodas!

Carrizozo Woman's Club:

The Carrizozo Woman’s Club, founded in 1920, is a community service organization open to all women who enjoy volunteering their time for worthy causes. Woman’s Club meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. from September through May. All women are welcome to attend!

The Woman’s Club building is an outstanding example of Pueblo Revival Architecture built of adobe. The ceiling in the unique round room, which is completely free standing, contains viga logs in an intricate wagon wheel pattern. Built in 1929 by the WPA, the building is one of the showplaces in Carrizozo and is included on the State and Federal Registers of historic buildings.