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Our Services page provides information on services provided by the Town of Carrizozo.

Please use the following information and links.

For All Police, Fire or Ambulance Emergencies Please Dial 911.


City Hall: The Town of Carrizozo City Hall building is located at 400 9th Street. The Telephone number is 575-648-2371, Fax 575-648-2366. Email:

Police Dept: The Town of Carrizozo Police Department is located at 404 Central. If you have an emergency please dial 911. The telephone number is 575-648-2351, fax 575-648-5559. Email:

Municipal Court: The Town of Carrizozo Municipal Court is now closed. Tickets are handled thru the Magistrate Court of Lincoln County. Their Telephone number is 575-648-2389.

Fire Dept: The Town of Carrizozo Fire Dept is located at 400 Airport Rd with a second station located at 500 Birch St and is an all volunteer Fire Dept. If you have a Fire emergency please dial 911. Local telephone numbers are: Main Station 575-648-2261, Birch Station 575-648-1161. Email:

Public Works: The Town of Carrizozo Public Works Dept is located on Water Canyon Rd. Email

Airport: The Town of Carrizozo airport is located at 410 Hangar Rd. The Telephone number is 575-648-9996.

Schools: The Town of Carrizozo Public Schools can be reached thru 575-648-2346.
Their website is www.carrizozogrizzlies.org

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